Changing the Address on your Driver License

Your driver's license is an important legal document. So if your address changes, your license needs to change. Changing your address on your driver's license can be a hassle, but we've made it much easier by pooling all the information you need together in one place. Click "Continue" below to get started.

Driver's license change of address in Iowa

How to change your address on your driver's license in Iowa

You must notify the department of transportation within 30 days. You can get in trouble or fined if you are stopped and you have incorrect information.

If your schedule won't permit a trip to your nearest driver's license station, you may also submit your updated information by mail or fax. A written request with your driver's license number, full name, signature, and new mailing address should be sent to the address provided below.

Send all the required documents to:

Office of Driver Services
Iowa Dept. of Transportation
6310 SE Convenience Blvd.
Ankeny, IA 50021

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 9204
Des Moines, IA 50306-9204
Fax: (515) 239-1837