’s Tips on the Worst Upgrades to Get on Your New Car blog:’s Tips on the Worst Upgrades to Get on Your New Car

There are several expenses that you must consider during the process of buying a new car, including additional features, insurance and warranties. Dealerships offer multiple upgrade packages that may sound appealing but are expensive and often unnecessary. It is important to learn about these features beforehand so that you can avoid any pressure to buy and make an informed decision. Whether worth the additional expense or not, many vehicle add-ons are cheaper when purchased outside of a dealership anyway. The team at have outlined which of the following upgrades to avoid when buying your new vehicle.

Body Modifications

Most cosmetic vehicle modifications like these are unnecessary expenses at best, but some are even considered dangerous, such as scissor or wing doors. These modified doors open upwards rather than outwards like normal car doors, and are often found on luxury sports cars. In the event of a crash, door modifications will make it more difficult for you to get out of the vehicle or for emergency responders to get to you. Other modifications, such as lowering the suspension or using different sized tires than recommended increases the likelihood of damaging the underside of your vehicle and may impair the handling.

Built-in Navigation and Entertainment

Built-in navigation and entertainment systems are fun toys that seem like they will simplify your driving experience, but it is important to consider the cost-effectiveness of such devices. Navigation systems, WIFI hotspot capability and DVD players installed by the dealership hike up the cost of your new vehicle by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The experts at suggest purchasing alternative devices or taking advantage of these features on your smartphone, which are often offered at a much lower cost as an addition to your phone plan. Turn your smartphone into a wireless hotspot or navigation system, and bring along a tablet or portable DVD player for backseat entertainment instead to save some cash.

Matte and Custom Paint Jobs

Many drivers choose to splurge on custom paint jobs for a touch of personality to their vehicle. Like other cosmetic modifications though, alternative paint jobs are expensive and often have drawbacks. While unique and eye-catching, exotic colors and patterns are likely to bring down the resale value of the vehicle. The team here at would like to warn you that matte paint jobs require specific types of care to protect the surface of your vehicle, and the cleaning products needed are more expensive those used for regular surfaces. Repairs for alternative paint jobs are more expensive as well, and blemishes will stand out more, especially on matte finishes.

Exterior/Interior Protection Packages

One of the most common offerings made by car dealers is for extra protection of the paint job and seats of your new vehicle. These protection packages claim to extend the life of your car’s appearance, but in reality they are unnecessary expenses. The team at advises car buyers to consider that paint jobs and vehicle upholstery is not what it used to be. Car manufacturers have made many improvements on the materials used over the years, making them tougher, more stain resistant and overall longer-lasting. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your vehicle looking new without the added expense of a protection package.

Nitrogen-Filled Tires

Filling your tires with nitrogen rather than air is a new feature suggested by dealerships and tire centers. It reportedly decreases the effects of temperature changes on your vehicle’s tire pressure, reducing the regular need for checking and refilling your tires. There are also claims that nitrogen is safer because maintaining the tire pressure prevents the tire from overheating or wearing unevenly. While studies have shown that purchasing nitrogen-filled tires will not harm your vehicle’s performance the team at want to remind you that it is not worth the extra expense for everyone. Tire pressure is most often an issue for truckers and individuals who drive for a living, so nitrogen is a convenient solution for them. Nitrogen tires need to be refilled at a dealership, which is an inconvenience to drivers who can fill their tires themselves with air cheaply at a gas station.

LED Headlights

LED headlights sound like a good idea in theory, as they appear much brighter than the more common halogen headlights. Their increased brightness suggests increased visibility for nighttime driving, but according to recent studies that is not always true. While cars with LED headlights often have improved visibility for turning purposes, forward visibility is often the same if not worse than cars with halogen lights. Improved visibility overall depends on the individual make and model of a vehicle. The team at suggests keeping in mind that in some cases, LED headlights create problems for the drivers around you. An oncoming car with LED headlights on often appears the same as a car with its high-beams on, which is bothersome at best and at worst may impairs other drivers’ vision.