4 Reasons Why MyDriverLicenses.org Says You Shouldn’t Change Your Clothes in the Car

mydriverlicenses.org blog: 4 Reasons Why MyDriverLicenses.org Says You Shouldn’t Change Your Clothes in the Car

Life can be hectic. Every day includes another jam-packed itinerary of things to do, and you’re always looking for convenient shortcuts that can help you multitask. However, although tempting in nature, changing your clothes in the car is not one of these smart shortcuts. The team at MyDriverLicenses.org is against performing costume changes in your vehicle. Review these reasons why not to change your clothes in the car.

Beware of Peeping Toms

Whether you want to admit it or not, there are plenty of Peeping Toms out in the world just watching and waiting for you. If you do not have tinted windows, you are asking for such peepers to invade your privacy. Whether you plan to change your clothes in your car in a dark garage or in the parking lot of a grocery store, don’t ever forget that there are voyeurs with special magnified tools ready for your show. If you are self-conscious by nature, the team at MyDriverLicenses.org votes against a costume change in the car so that you can avoid these types of creepers. And, with smartphones today, you never know who is planning to capture this moment without your permission or your knowledge.

Possible Wardrobe Malfunctions

Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj might invite the attention that accompanies a good wardrobe malfunction, but you may not prefer the same type of fame. Changing in your car sets you up for possible wardrobe malfunctions. Be careful what you wish for when changing in your vehicle, or you might just find your mishap on tomorrow’s TMZ.

Potentially Missed Items

When you plan to change in your car, you typically pack your change of clothes in a gym bag or you place the clothing in your back seat. But, what happens if you forgot to pack your pants? You can’t very well exit your car without bottoms. The team at MyDriverLicenses.org thinks it is best to handle these types of events from the comfort of a place where you can handle your potential wardrobe mistakes with ease.

Lack of Space and Comfort

The experts at MyDriverLicenses.org believe that changing in your car should really be a last resort. Think about how uncomfortable it is to be crammed in a small corner of your car trying your best to change for the next part of your day. Just the thought is exhausting. Next thing you know, you’re sweating through your new shirt and you can’t get your tight pants up over your thighs. Why even subject yourself to such a frustrating experience when you have the choice not to?

You Might Get Caught

Although it is certainly not commonplace, getting caught while changing in your car does have the potential to play out. If you are caught by the wrong person, you may even face an indecent exposure charge, simply because you wanted to change into fresh drawers.