How to Protect Your Vehicle From Natural Disasters: Tips From blog: How to Protect Your Vehicle From Natural Disasters: Tips From

Natural disasters are – in a word – terrifying. We, as human beings, have little control over how a natural disaster will unfold, which is why it is so crucial to prepare for the worst. Whether you live in Kansas where tornadoes are prominent, or in Florida where hurricane season is all-too-long, you must have plans to protect your possessions – including your car! Taking care of your vehicle in general is important to protecting you on the road, but when it comes to situations beyond normal rain, sleet and snow, you must take extra care of your car. The experts at have compiled the below tips to help you make a plan in protecting your vehicle during a natural disaster.

Park Your Vehicle in a Safe Place

Whether you have a few days to prepare or no time at all, the first step in preparing your car for a natural disaster is to locate a safe place for it – and obviously yourself, if you happen to be stranded during the natural disaster. If you have a garage at home that you sometimes keep your car in, try to commute there. If you cannot make it home, experts strongly suggest locating a garage without much open space (so elements and debris cannot enter the garage) and park it there. If there are underground parking options available in your hometown, consider this strategy for a tornado, which acts as a bunker for your car so it does not have the opportunity to become a projectile.

Make Sure the Vehicle is Secure

If you are able to store your car safely – and even if you are not able to – you must then secure your vehicle. Make sure to close or roll up all of the windows. This is the most important step. Natural disasters can lead to moisture, which can then produce mold. By eliminating any chance of water entering your vehicle, you have the power to protect it. In addition, make sure all of the doors are securely shut, along with the trunk and the hood. If you have a sun roof or a moon roof, or even a convertible, make sure all openings are closed off. Then, lock your car!

Cover the Vehicle

If you cannot get your car into a garage with minimal open space, it is wise to cover your car. If you have a cover for your car already, put it to good use. If not, the experts at recommend securing some tarps around the exterior. If your car is parked out in the open, a protective cover can help diminish the chances of flying debris chipping your paint or damaging your vehicle. Although this is not a guarantee during a Category 5 hurricane, it is a smart precaution to consider.

Avoid Operating Your Vehicle

The absolute worst thing you can do is operate your vehicle during a natural disaster. This may seem like a given, but many people misjudge the severity of natural disasters, and believe it is safe to drive their cars when it is actually a terrible, life-threatening idea. The team at recommends leaving your car parked and riding out the storm in a safe place. You must keep in mind that the safety of yourself and your loved ones is truly paramount in comparison to that of your vehicle. If the streets are flooded due to a natural disaster, be sure to wait until the roads are drained properly, or you might stall out if you decide to drive to the store for supplies. The best way to handle a natural disaster is to have a comprehensive emergency plan mapped out, so you are never left unprepared in the face of danger.