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Replace License

There is no questioning the importance of your SC drivers license. The fact that it gives you the opportunity to drive legally in the state already puts it in a very high place in terms of its value. However, have you ever considered what you would do if it were to get lost or stolen?

Getting ready to renew your SC drivers license is one thing, but replacing drivers license documents is another process entirely. Thus, be sure to prepare for every contingency and understand what you would have to do in each possible situation.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

When you lose your driving license, the first thing you should do is tell the local authorities. Of course, you can ask your family or friends to help you find it and retrace your steps in an effort to recover it. However, if these measures do not prove fruitful, it is important for you to progress to the next step and contact the police. If you have a lost drivers license and suspect that it has been stolen from you (or you know for a fact that it was stolen), go to your local police department. Tell a police officer that your South Carolina drivers license is no longer in your possession and you are doing your best to protect your identity from falling into the wrong hands.

Drivers should also be sure to fill out Affidavits for Lost/Surrendered Driver's License, by completing the bottom sections for drivers with valid SC driver licenses. Then they must sign and date the affidavits and submit them to their DMV office with applications for duplicate drivers licenses.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

The only way to get an immediate drivers license replacement is to go in person. However, you must complete an Affidavit for Lost/Surrendered Driver's License if yours was lost or stolen. You have to complete the bottom section, which is for drivers with valid driving licenses. After you sign and date the affidavit, you must also download and fill out an Application for a Non-Commercial Credential.

Then, you will be asked to take these forms to the DMV along with certain other relevant documents if you applied for a duplicate drivers license in the last year. These documents can come in the form of an address change form (if you recently moved), a name change form (if you recently changed your name), or a proof of ID (if you are not a U.S. citizen).

Replace a Drivers License Online

There are various requirements that you must meet in order to replace drivers license documentation online:

If you meet all of the requirements (and have addressed any name or address changes beforehand), then you will be able to order a drivers license replacement in SC online. You will just need your drivers license number, which you can obtain from the DMV if you do not remember, your Social Security Number, your birth date, and a major credit or debit card to pay the $10 SC drivers license replacement fee. Furthermore, you cannot use your receipt or confirmation page as a temporary driver license. Only a real license to drive can be used to operate a vehicle legally in South Carolina.

Replace a Drivers License by Mail

To apply for an SC drivers license replacement by mail, you need to complete the same forms that you would for an in-person application. You will also have to send in the same fees (in the form of a check or money order) to the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016