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Replace License

Your Oregon driving license is an important piece of identification. It is what allows you to drive legally within your state. Thus, if your driving document ever gets damaged, lost, destroyed or stolen, it is your responsibility to apply for a drivers license replacement from the Oregon DMV.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

The first thing that you must do if your license is lost or stolen is report this even to the police department. This is the best way for you to protect yourself and your identity. And if a criminal does try and use your ID, then the police make every effort to halt the criminal activity. The next step after reporting your lost drivers license is to look into replacing your OR drivers license. As mentioned before, this is the ID that allows you to drive on the street. Without a license to drive in your possession, you are driving illegally.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

If you are dealing with a lost drivers license, or have had your driving document stolen from you, you must go down to the closest Oregon DMV office and get it replaced in person.

Replacing drivers license documents in person gives you the ability to make sure the transaction goes well. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that come with getting a duplicate drivers license in Oregon.

First of all, you must be a resident of the state of Oregon or at least be domiciled in the state to apply. You cannot have had your driving privileges suspended, revoked, or canceled to apply. You must be able to present a completed Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card. You must be able to provide proof of your ID, including documents that show your full legal name, proof of your legal presence in the US, your birth date, your Social Security Number, and your residency.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you will be able to apply for an official Oregon drivers license copy after you pay one of the following fees:

After you have completed all of the necessary steps outlined above, you will be issued an interim driver card by the Oregon DMV. This is for you to use while you wait for your drivers license replacement to come in the mail. Furthermore, you should only expect to wait for your new, permanent driving license about 10 business days.

Note: In the event your original Oregon drivers license, learner's permit, or ID card is about to expire within the next 14 months, you might just have the chance to renew your Oregon driver license instead of replacing it.