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Replace License

If your Oklahoma drivers license is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, the Department of Public Safety requires that you take the steps necessary to obtain a duplicate drivers license. Since it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without the appropriate driving credentials, you do not want to be caught without a license to drive, especially considering how important driving your car is in your everyday life. Fortunately, the process to apply for an official drivers license copy in Oklahoma is simple.

To learn about the steps you will need to take, read the detailed sections below on replacing drivers license credentials.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

While the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety does not require that you notify the police of a stolen drivers license, taking this action is definitely something that you should consider. Given the important information that is contained within an Oklahoma driver license, such as your name, date of birth, signature and residential address, the last thing you want is for the driving document to fall into the wrong hands. If it does, there is a good chance that you could be dealing with identity theft problems. So, be sure to visit a local police department and report the theft or suspected theft of your OK driving license in order to make sure that your identity is secure.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

As long as you are within the state of Oklahoma when you need a drivers license replacement, you must apply in person at a local driver license exam station. To do so, just make sure that you bring all of the following:

Replace a Drivers License by Mail

In the event you are currently outside of the state of Oklahoma and need a drivers license replacement, you will be eligible to replace driving documents by mail. To do so, you will have to send a self-addressed envelope and a completed Renewal or Replacement of Driver License or ID Card by Mail form to the following address:

Department of Public Safety
Driver License Examining, Renewal By Mail
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73136

To be considered complete, this duplicate drivers license application must be accompanied by copies of two forms of identity (primary and secondary, such as a birth certificate and Social Security card) and the form must feature the following information:

Finally, remember to obtain a check or money order for the $20 OK drivers license replacement fee and make it payable to the Department of Public Safety.