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Replace License

If your OH driving license was lost, stolen or damaged, you must seek a replacement as soon as possible. Even in this type of frustrating and stressful situation, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will make it easy for you to get a drivers license replacement so you can continue commuting to your regular, everyday activities.

Drivers that find themselves in this situation are required to visit a BMV office to replace drivers license documentation in person. But before doing so, you should consider informing the police of any foul play.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

Before you make your way to an Ohio BMV, it is important that you consider filing a police report about your lost or stolen drivers license. Even though this is not required by the Ohio BMV, completing this task is an important step in protecting the vital information on your drivers license from falling into the hands of identity thieves.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

In order to apply for a duplicate drivers license in Ohio, you will need to gather various important documents, including:

For a complete list of acceptable documentation, make sure to Acceptable Identification Documents page. Additionally, while you are at the Ohio BMV, you will also be asked to include your signature on a statement about your damaged, stolen or lost drivers license. After you have handed over all of the necessary documents, the Ohio BMV will double-check that your photograph is on file. Once the BMV representative confirms that you are who you claim to be, he or she will ask you for payment for the Ohio drivers license replacement fee.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, money order, traveler's checks and certified cashier checks.

Replace a Commercial Drivers License

If you are a commercial vehicle driver that needs to replace drivers license documentation to obtain a new CDL in Ohio, all of the above documentation requirements apply. The only difference is that you must also provide proof of medical certification when you visit a BMV deputy registrar office to apply for a replacement CDL license.

Replace a Drivers License as a New Ohio Resident

In the event your out-of-state drivers license was lost or stolen during your move to the state of Ohio, you will not be required to request a duplicate from your previous state of residence's DMV. Instead, you can easily apply for a new drivers license with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles by completing the following steps: