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Replace License

While you may be familiar with the process of renewing your NJ drivers license, getting a duplicate drivers license in New Jersey is a completely different procedure. The state of New Jersey requires motorists to replace licenses in the event their current documents are lost, damaged or stolen. The good news is that the process for replacing drivers licenses is not difficult or complex. The only major difference between NJ drivers license replacement and drivers license renewal is that you are only given one method of replacement.

Whereas renewing drivers license documents can be done through an application by mail or a visit to the Motor Vehicle Commission office, you can replace drivers license documentation in person with the MVC. But before you apply for an official drivers license copy in New Jersey, consider reporting any theft, if applicable.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

One way the state of New Jersey encourages motor vehicle drivers to protect their identities is to have them report drivers license thefts to the local authorities, which is as easy as visiting a local police station and speaking to an officer. This allows the police department to take every available measure to prevent your identity from falling into the wrong hands.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

Whenever you are thinking of driving without your license because you believe replacing it to be too much of an issue, keep in mind that operating a vehicle without a drivers license in New Jersey is illegal. The same goes for driving with a license that is damaged or illegible. So if your license to drive has been damaged, stolen or lost, there is no time to waste in getting a new one. You have to make your way down to an MVC office immediately. There, drivers are asked to fill out an Application for Driver's License, or a Non-Driver ID Application (if you are merely replacing an ID card). Note you will not be able to fill out these documents at home, because the forms are not available for download. Motorists must pick them up in person at local MVC offices.

Once these drivers license replacement forms are filled out, you will need to provide proof of your ID to an office representative, and your ID must meet the 6 Point ID requirement. If it does, you will be able to get your duplicate drivers license in New Jersey by paying the $11 fee. You will be able to make this payment with cash, credit or debit card, check, or even money order, so there is no need to worry about the method of your payment.

If you are not familiar with the ID Point requirement, it was created as a way to prevent identity theft. The reason for the name "6 Point Identity" is because each document or ID is given a point value, which needs to add up to six when you are applying to replace drivers license documents in New Jersey. The system goes as follows.

You will need at least one primary document, which is worth four points. This could be a birth certificate, U.S. passport, or an NJ ID card. You will also need a secondary document, which could be a marriage certificate, a civil union certificate, or a domestic partnership certificate. It could also be a Social Security card or a college photo ID with transcript. Then you will need to bring proof of your NJ residency, which can be a credit card bill, a utility bill, or your lease/rental agreement. Keep in mind that all of the documents must be originals or certified copies to be considered in your application to replace drivers license documents.

Furthermore, while losing or getting your drivers license stolen is a very serious issue, losing your NJ learning permit can also be very stressful. And if you want to continue driving legally in New Jersey, you will have to get a replacement learners permit. There are two different categories you can fall into: under 17 years of age, or older than 17. Drivers who are younger than 17 and have completed a practical driving training course must get in touch with their instructors at the driving schools and ask them to replace driving permits. On the other hand, motorists who are over 17 will have to go to an MVC office that has Driver Testing Services and apply in person. Here, they will be asked to provide 6 Point ID verification and pay the $3 fee.