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Replace License

A lost drivers license or a stolen drivers license will require you to get a replacement at your nearest Secretary of State office. For your convenience, the Michigan SOS also allows motorists to complete this simple process online.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

If you have a lost driving license or a stolen driving license, your identity may be at risk, therefore you should report the situation to your local authorities as soon as possible. By filing a police report, you can help keep traffic violations off your driving record if someone else were to employ your license. However, contacting the local police is only the first step in this equation. After you alert the authorities, you will be required to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in Michigan to replace your license.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

To replace driving licenses in person, visit your local SOS office with all of the necessary documents. A customer service agent may ask you for the following information:

Note that all documents must be originals to be accepted. And once you provide all of the required information, you will be given a temporary paper license, which you can use until your full license arrives in the mail. Take note that if your license is set to expire within one year, you can choose to renew it, rather than replace it.

If you have a copy of a police report, include it in the list of documents you intend to present. Whether or not the Michigan Secretary of State chooses to waive your drivers license replacement fee will be at their discretion.

Replace a Drivers License Online

In order to replace driving licenses online, you must first make sure that you qualify for the service. You cannot have:

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, then visit the ExpressSOS Replacement Driver's License system. Once you are on the correct page, you will be asked to input your driver license number, your birth date, eye color, and your Social Security Number. If you do not have your Social Security Number on hand, then you will be required to complete your drivers license renewal in person instead.

Finalize your online transaction by following the prompts on the screen and having payment ready for the required $9 fee. Note this fee is subject to change without notice by the DMV. After completing the online transaction, you can expect to receive your license in the mail in approximately three weeks.