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Replace License

If you are in a situation with a lost drivers license or a stolen drivers license, you will need to go to a local MVA office to complete the proper steps for a duplicate. However, prior to your visit, make sure that a police report has been filed with your local authorities, in order to prevent the chances of identity theft and fraud.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

In the event that your driving license has been lost or stolen, it is essential that you report the circumstance to the authorities, in order to protect your identity. Simply file a police report in the jurisdiction where your license was stolen and obtain a copy of this report before you leave the office.

Thereafter, you can contact the Motor Vehicle Administration's Executive Customer Ombudsman at 410-787-7856. You must provide them with your name, the report number, and its jurisdiction. Once the report has been filed, you can then move on to the process of obtaining a duplicate drivers license through the Motor Vehicle Administration.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

A lost, damaged or stolen Maryland drivers license may require the motorist to visit a nearby MVA office to request a duplicate. You can either apply for a duplicate driving license at your self-service kiosk at the local Motor Vehicle Administration office, or you can directly speak to an authorized MVA agent in person.

When making your visit, you must be prepared to bring relevant documentation, such as proof of identity. If you have a lost or stolen drivers license, other acceptable documents include a birth certificate, United States passport or Certificate of Naturalization. You must also have proof of Maryland residency on hand, such as a utility bill or proof of home ownership. Once you have provided the necessary documentation and paid the set fee, your request for a duplicate driving license will be finalized.

Replace a Drivers License Online

If you find it more convenient to replace drivers licenses online, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has now made this option available to motorists. Simply visit the Maryland MVA website to get started, and follow the instructions on the screen to properly complete your online transaction.

Allow several business days for your duplicate driving license to arrive in the mail. If you do not have an updated residential address on file, you will need to contact the MVA to make them aware of this change.

Drivers License Replacement Fees

In the state of Maryland, there are various fees for a drivers license replacement, but the dollar amount does not depend on the kind of document or ID that you are replacing. A driver's license, for example, costs $20 to get replaced, as does a learners permit. However, bear in mind that these fees do not apply for car registration or car title replacements.

For further information about replacing drivers licenses in Maryland, contact the MVA Ombudsman at 410-787-7856. You may also reach the Motor Vehicle Administration customer service line at 410-768-7000, or 1-800-492-4575 if you are hard of hearing.