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Replace License

In the event your Georgia driver's license has been lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to apply for a drivers license replacement. Given that it is illegal to drive without a GA drivers license, you must apply for a duplicate as soon as possible.

Report a Stolen Drivers License

Due to the dangers presented by identity theft, a driver with a lost drivers license or a stolen drivers license must first file a police report. Visit your nearest police station to begin the process of getting a copy of the report for your records. Once a report is complete, make sure to bring a copy with you to your local DDS office and request a drivers license replacement.

Replace a Drivers License in Person

One of the ways a GA driver can replace their drivers license is in person, at a local DMV office. The process for completing a replacement in person entails presenting the proper documentation. First, you are required to show proof of identity. You can either present one Category A document (birth certificate, U.S. passport, etc.) or two Category B documents (Social Security card, voter registration, etc.). If you have a copy of a police report, make sure to also have this documentation with you.

Replace a Drivers License Online

The state of Georgia also allows motorists to apply for a drivers license replacement online. However, you must take note of the various eligibility requirements put forth by the state. To apply online, for example, you can only replace a non-commercial driving license, permit or ID. Also, your license must be in good, standing position. Additionally, you must be a resident of the state of Georgia and a U.S. citizen as well.

If you qualify for completing an online application, you can begin by creating your account on the service website. Here, you'll be asked to provide your name, Social Security Number, your birthday, your license number or ID number, the date of issuance and the license class.

Georgia CDL Drivers License Replacement

In the event that you have lost your Georgia CDL, or it has been destroyed or stolen, you need to replace it. However, whereas the regular driving license will allow you to make a replacement by going through the online service system, you are required to visit a GA DDS office in order to get your replacement for a CDL.

These licenses are very different from regular licenses that do not have any commercial affiliations. These are the IDs that allow workers to drive certain vehicles for companies. Thus, it is with this greater responsibility that the process and system for replacement is different from what a typical driver would expect.

Make sure that you are following the right instructions for the appropriate license. Visit your local DDS office to get started on the process of applying for a duplicate commercial driving license.