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Suspended License

In Oklahoma, a vehicle driver must adhere to road rules and regulations, as outlined by the Department of Public Safety, in order to ensure their driving privileges are not revoked. If you are deemed to be an unreliable or aggressive driver, your license to drive may be suspended.

Common Reasons for Drivers License Suspension

Although there are a number of reasons that may result in a drivers license suspension, some of the most common offenses include the following:

Oklahoma Mandatory Point System

The state of OK has a point system in place that is used to identify unsafe or problematic drivers. The more points accumulated on your driving record, the more likelihood of having your drivers license suspended. With 10 or more driving points on your record within a period of five years, you will face a driving license suspension.

Points for certain offenses are assigned as follows:

If you have no other convictions within a 12-month period, two points will be reduced from your driving record. You can also get two points reduced by taking and completing a Driver Compliance or Defensive Driving Course, as approved by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License in Person

In order to reinstate suspended drivers licenses, you will need to contact the OK Department of Public Safety after completing your suspension period. Your reinstatement requirements will depend on the type of violation or offense that was committed. As part of restoring your driving privileges, you may be required to complete community service hours, serve jail time, take an alcohol awareness course and/or pay reinstatement fees.

To find out more information about your particular driving license suspension, contact the OK DPS at 405-425-2059 or 405-425-2098. You may also submit your query online via the Contact DPS - Driver Compliance Division page or visit a local DMV branch in your area.