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Suspended License

In order to legally drive in Nebraska, you must have a current and valid drivers license. However, if you are in a situation with a suspended drivers license, you will need to complete the necessary steps of reinstatement to restore your driving privileges.

Common Reasons for Drivers License Suspension

Although a Nebraska driving license can be suspended due to numerous reasons, the most common ones include the following:

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License in Person

Depending on the reasons for your drivers license suspension, cancellation or revocation, the process of reinstatement will vary. However, as a general consensus, in order to reinstate suspended drivers licenses in Nebraska, you must adhere to these steps:

Nebraska Driving License Point System

The state of Nebraska employs its own point system that may sometimes result in a suspended driving license. For example, if a motorist accumulates 12 or more points record within two years, his or her driving privileges will be automatically suspended. You will be issued the following points if any of the below offenses are committed:

One Point

Two Points

Three Points

Four Points

Five Points

Six Points