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Suspended Licenses

The state of Illinois issues driving licenses to safe and responsible vehicle drivers. Motorists that do not abide by the rules and regulations of the Secretary of State will be subject to facing a driving license suspension.

Common Reasons for Drivers License Suspension

The Secretary of State has the right to immediately issue a drivers license suspension or revocation if you are considered to be problematic and unsafe drivers. According to the IL SOS, a revocation is an "indefinite withdrawal of driving privileges" with a minimum of one year. There are various reasons why a motorist's driving privileges may be revoked, including but not limited to:

On the other hand, a suspended drivers license is a temporary hold on driving privileges. Some of the most common offenses that may result in a suspended license include:

A motorist that continues to drive with a suspended drivers license will have an extended suspension period, and be subject to additional penalties and consequences, as imposed by the IL SOS.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License in Person

The process to reinstate suspended drivers licenses will depend on the type of offense or violation that was committed. At the bare minimum, you will be required to first complete your suspension period and thereafter pay any reinstatement fees.

In order to obtain specific details about your revoked drivers license or suspended drivers license case, contact the Illinois Driver Licenses Services toll-free number at 1-888-261-5238. You may also find a SOS office in your neighborhood by accessing the SOS Facility Finder page and entering your ZIP code or city on the search bar.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License Online

In some instances, a driver may be allowed to submit payment for reinstatement fees online. The Illinois Secretary of State website accepts reinstatement fees for the following types of suspensions:

A standard $70 fee (may vary) will apply for the aforementioned suspended driving license offenses. When submitting payment online, take note that you must have a valid credit card in your possession. Only MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover are accepted. A $2.44 payment process fee will also apply during your transaction.