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Suspended License

In Hawaii, reinstating suspended drivers licenses is entirely dependent upon the reason for its suspension, cancellation or revocation. Keep in mind that when your license is cancelled, suspended or revoked, you are not allowed to drive under any circumstance. In order to fully have your driving license reinstated, you will need to adhere to the regulations of the suspension notice you were issued.

Common Reasons for Drivers License Suspension

There are many reasons why a drivers license may be suspended, but the most common reasons for licenses suspensions and revocations in Hawaii are:

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License in Person

Although the methods of reinstatement require different documentation, penalty fees and lengths of suspension, there is a general procedure a suspended driver must follow to reinstate his or her license in Hawaii:

Depending on the county you reside in, you must contact your local Hawaii DMV for further information about the drivers license reinstatement process. A different set of instructions and rules may apply, as it pertains to your offense. In some counties, you may have the option to reinstate suspended driving licenses by mail, whereas other locations may require you to make an in-person visit to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles location.

Hawaii Does Not Have a Point System

Even though Hawaii doesn't utilize a standardized point system, the state DMV still evaluates any traffic tickets residents receive. In addition, tickets will still be included onto your Hawaii driving record. If you receive a number of tickets that suggest you are hazard on the roadways, the HI DMV will do either one or all of the below:

Common reasons for traffic citations that will end up on your driving record in Hawaii:

Keep in mind that the last five circumstances can lead to automatic suspension of your license in Hawaii. You want to be cautious as you drive and abide by the road rules and traffic laws to avoid being greatly inconvenienced in the future.