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Driver's License Information & Resources

At MyDriverLicenses.org, we'll arm you with all the necessary facts and tidbits surrounding your driving scenario. In many cases, you will learn that the services you seek can be fulfilled online, in person or by mail. These are the standard options when renewing, replacing or updating your credentials. However, if you plan to move to a new state, consult our State Info page, so you can research which option is most convenient regarding your vehicle or license beforehand.

From our trusted Road Advisors Guide to an updated database of official forms, let MyDriverLicenses.org support all your license and vehicle needs. We're here to help, so you can get back on the road as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Happy Driving!

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New Driver License

Trying to understand what to do first in order to obtain your new driver license can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. This is why we have gathered all the necessary information for you into one single place so that you can cut back on the hassle of having to go search for each of part of the process individually. It's all here for you, without any of the stress or misunderstandings, ready for you to learn and begin your steps towards officially obtaining your license. What do we offer? Well let's see!

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Change Name on Driver License

If you have recently made any changes to your name, you will have to notify your state DMV office immediately and begin the process to make sure that your name is changed on the DMV file, on your driver license and/or ID card. This is extremely important due to the fact that your driver license or ID card represent a verification of your identity. If your name official legal name does not match with the name stated on your license or ID card, it will no longer be valid. This is why you will have to make sure to begin the process as soon as possible.

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ID Cards

Having a state ID card is essential if you are too young or do not wish to hold a driver license. Your ID card is an important piece of information regarding your identity as it will be the one piece of document to provide verification of who you truly are in many situations. Everything from, setting up an account in the bank, purchasing specific items, or even applying for a job, will often require that you provide your ID card as verification of your identification.

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Change Address on Driver License

Have you recently moved within your state? Well the DMV will need to be notified in order to maintain your information up to date on your DMV file as well as on your driver license and/or ID card. Having your address changed is very important to your general information because it is connected to verifying your identity. Changing your address on your driver license and/or ID card is something that should be done immediately so be sure to begin right away!

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Replace Driver License

Obtaining your replacement driver license is a very important in the case that you have lost your driver license, or in some cases even had it stolen or damaged. In these situations, you will be required to replace your driver license in order to be able to drive legally once again. But what exactly do you have to do in order to replace your license? Well we're here to help so you can get back on the road as quickly and as smoothly as possible!

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Reinstate Suspended License

Sometimes you may make a mistake while driving which may cause your driver license to be suspended. Well, there is no need to panic for we're here to help by providing you with all the necessary information regarding maintaining a suspension free record, how to reinstate your suspended license, and in some cases even how to obtain a restricted license which will allow you to continue driving even during the time your license is suspended.

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Renew Driver License

Is it time to renew your driver license? Well, regardless of whether your driver license has just expired or nearing close to the expiration date, it is always essential to prepare yourself with the steps to take in the process of renewing your license. If you are unsure about what to do when it comes time to renew your driver license, don't worry! Our goal is to make this process effortless on your part as we aim to do all the heavy lifting in finding the information you may need to renew your license.

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