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Change Address on License

Notifying the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles of your address change is an important step that you must take after your move. Fortunately, as long as you follow the required steps set forth by the Ohio BMV, updating your records will prove to be simple and easy. Furthermore, there are three different ways that you can complete the process: in person, online and by mail.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

If you prefer to submit your address change request in person, you will have to visit a local drivers license branch with a filled-out Address Change form. Keep in mind that the state of Ohio also allows drivers to update their addresses at the time of drivers license renewal. In either case, you will have to provide proof of your new OH residency, such as:

To see a complete listing of ODPS Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch office locations in your area - Deputy Registrar License Agencies, Driver License Reinstatement Centers, Driver Exam Stations and County Clear of Courts Title Offices - visit the Branch Locations page.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses Online

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles also offers drivers the convenience of updating their addresses online. In order to properly change address on DMV documents, these motorists will need to first supply a few, pertinent identifying details:

The Ohio BMV License Verification page provides two photographic drivers license examples that show you where to look for your Ohio driver license number. Once you have input the necessary information, you will then be directed to follow simple instructions that will allow you to submit online address change forms in OH in a matter of minutes.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses by Mail

To submit an Ohio address change request by mail, you will need to submit an Address Change Form. On this form, you will have to write your new residence address, and if it is different from your permanent home address, a mailing address. If you have a temporary mailing address, you will also find a box to list that information. Make sure that you sign your name at the top of the OH DMV address change form and today's date. The application can be filled out in a typed format or in your own handwriting.

While completing this form, you will also have the option to indicate that you do not want your change of address information to be forwarded to the Ohio Secretary of State's office for voter registration-related matters.

If you choose to perform a motor vehicle change of address by mail, you can also just send in a written statement. Your statement should contain you date of birth, your Ohio driving license number, your new address, your old address and your full legal name.

Either the Address Change Form or your written request should be mailed to the below address:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attn: License Verification Unit
P.O. Box 16784
Columbus, OH 43216-6784