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Change Address on License

If you have recently moved from one residence to another, it is very important that you notify a number of organizations. Just consider for a moment about how many agencies and groups have your address on file and send you important pieces of mail. You have to change your address with all of these entities in order to make sure that you do not miss out on any crucial information. The Motor Vehicle Commission, for example, is one agency that needs to know about your move. This organization monitors your drivers license and various other driving-related documents. So, make sure you notify the NJ DMV of this change-in-residence as soon as possible in order for the MVC to update your records.

The good news is that you can submit an address change request to the MVC in a variety of ways, including in person, online and by phone. All you have to do is read through the descriptions of each process and decide which method you think is the best. Furthermore, you can expect your motor vehicle change of address stickers to be mailed to you within three to four weeks of when you turn in your DMV address change forms, regardless of which method you choose. These driving stickers are made for you to put on the back of your New Jersey driver license, rather than printing out a completely new license.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

Motorists always have the option to change address on drivers licenses in person at a local NJ MVC office. Here, you must provide proof of ID and proof of residency. Then, applying drivers will be allowed to change addresses on the MVC's files.

This method is very good for those motor vehicle drivers who want to minimize the risk of their NJ address change request not being submitted. In person, you will be able to see it go through. And if you don't want to just get a sticker for your current license, you can always get a drivers license replacement at the MVC office by paying $11 and providing proof of ID and residency.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses Online

In the event that you choose to change address on drivers license documents online, you must visit the NJ MVC's website. Here, you must provide your ZIP code, your NJ driver license or NJ ID card number, and your Social Security Number. That is all you will need to get your address changed online, making it the simplest and quickest method of the three. However, if you do not have access to a computer or Internet, you can always apply by other means.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses by Phone

Completing an official address change with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission is not very difficult either. By calling 888-486-3339, or 609-292-5120 for touch tone, you will be able to change your DMV address with a state representative. Drivers who choose this method just have to make sure that they provide their ZIP code, their New Jersey drivers license or ID card numbers, and their Social Security Numbers.