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Change Address on License

If you have recently moved to or within the state of Missouri, you must notify the MO Department of Revenue of your new residence. The good news is that the DOR allows you to submit an address change request in three ways: in person, online or by mail. Take a look at the sections below to see which address changing method is best for you.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

The first option to consider when submitting an official address change to the Missouri Department of Revenue is to visit a local driver license office. All you need to do is fill out the Address Change Request form and hand it in to a DOR examiner, who will update your records with the Department of Revenue.

However, in order to obtain an updated Missouri drivers license, you will have to go through the separate process of applying for a drivers license replacement, which you can do right after you update your address at the office.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses Online

Probably the most convenient method for submitting your address change forms is by going online to the Missouri DOR's Address Change Request page. On this page, you will be asked to provide all of the following information:

Once you have provided all of the above information, you must decide what records you would like to have updated. Simply click the ones that apply. Finally, click the button at the bottom to submit your Missouri address change request. This will update your DOR records, but it will not send you updated documents.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses by Mail/Email

Another option you have for performing an MO motor vehicle change of address is to submit your request by mail. To do so, fill out a Missouri Department of Revenue Address Change Request form and mail it to the following address:

Missouri Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100

Otherwise, you can complete this same DMV address change form and send it to the Missouri DOR by emailing it to the following address:

Note: Just like the previous two methods mentioned, this address change request will not get you updated driving documents. It will only update your records with the DOR.

How to Apply for a Drivers License Replacement

After you have updated your address on the Missouri DOR's records, you can take the steps to obtain a duplicate drivers license. Unfortunately, this process can only be done in person. Simply visit your local driver license office with the following: