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Change Address on License

If you are a long-time Louisiana resident who has moved to another part of the state, you will need to inform various organizations of your new address - the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles is no exception. Your driving license must reflect your current and updated information, including your residential address. If you recently completed address changing, the state gives automobile drivers a period of 10 days to notify the DMV of this update.

You'll need to update the information for every member of your family that has an LA drivers license or ID card as well. Plus, you must update the address on your vehicle's title and registration in a separate process.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

To change address on drivers licenses in Louisiana, you must visit your nearest OMV office. You will need to bring your current LA driver's license and proof of insurance. The cost is $13 when paying in cash, and an additional $1.25 charge, plus one percent, will be included when using a credit or debit card. An e-check incurs a one dollar fee, and each county parish has a tax to add which does not exceed $3.

The Louisiana OMV accepts the following forms of payments:

In order for your new address to be reflected on your license, you will need to request a duplicate driving license. If you do not have your driver's license on hand, you will be asked to present another proof of identity. If you do not have a photo on file with the DMV, then you will need to bring more documentation, such as:

If Your License Is About to Expire

If you find that your license is set to expire within the next 90 days of moving, then you will also need to renew your license. If your photo is already in the OMV system, you still need to show other proof of identification. Bring with you:

If you don't have or can't find a primary form of identification, then you are allowed to bring in three types of secondary ID, and:

Once the documents are approved, you will need to pass a vision test and pay the corresponding fees.