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Change Address on License

When you move to a new location within the state of Idaho, you are required to update this information with the Department of Transportation. Responsible for issuing ID drivers licenses, vehicle registrations, car titles and more, a driver must notify the department as soon as possible upon establishing new residence.

How to Change Address on Drivers License in Person

The Idaho Department of Transportation requires residents to update their address changing information within a period of 30 days after moving. By simply following the instructions as outlined by the DMV, you can easily modify your information in person.

Upon your DMV visit, you will be required to present the following documentation:

On the Change of Address form, you will need to include personal information, such as:

How to Change Address on Drivers License by Mail

The steps to change addresses is simple if you follow the procedure provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles. Once you have filled out the proper change of address form, you will have the option of submitting it at your local DMV office, or mailing it to the Idaho Transportation Department.

If you would like to send it to Driver Services, address your envelope and sent it to:

Idaho Transportation Department
P.O. Box 7129
Boise, ID 83707-1129

You can also email it to, or fax it to this number: 208- 287-3860.

Change of Address Fees

When moving to a new location, your Idaho driving license must be updated with the Department of Transportation. In order to get a new driving license that reflects your current address, you will need to request a duplicate license to drive. The fees for a duplicate driving license and an identification card depend on your age. See the prices below: