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Change Address on Driver License Guide for Connecticut

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Changing your address in Connecticut

If you recently moved to the state of Connecticut, or relocated to a new address within Connecticut, you will need to file an address change. The first step in the change of address process is updating your address with the United States Postal Service. Once you have visited a post office in Connecticut to change your address, you can then proceed with changing the address on your Connecticut drivers license, which is the first step to ensuring all your credentials reflect your address change. If your current address does not match the address printed on your drivers license or ID card, you may face a fine or a penalty if you are pulled over in Connecticut. Schedule a {DMV-C} visit in order to update your contact information as soon as possible. To expedite the drivers license address change process, bring proof of your new address to the Connecticut {DMV-C}, along with your current ID. Once you have updated your {DMV-C} address change, contact your auto insurance provider, as your car insurance rate may need an adjustment.

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Change Address on License

Do you need to change your address on your Connecticut drivers license? We've collected all the information you need to expedite and simplify the process. Before you file an address change by mail or by visiting a local {DMV-C} office, you can easily find the answers you're looking for within our Road Advisors Guide. Click "Get Started" below to get comprehensive application assistance for all the {DMV-C}'s services.

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Change Address on License

Whether you are moving to Connecticut from out-of-state, or relocating within state borders, the Connecticut DMV does request that new residents send notice within 48 hours of setting up new residence. The CT DMV provides three methods to update your address with the DMV: in person, by mail or by phone. Keep in mind that this option is for CT residents that have moved within the state. If you are new to Connecticut, you must go in person.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

In order to change the address on your license in person, a CT driver must head to a DMV office. Bring along with you a valid driver's license and proof of new residency. There is no fee for address changing, however, for a new license to reflect your new address, you will need to also bring in one other form of acceptable documentation:

Acceptable primary documents are:

If you are U.S.-born:

  • U.S. birth certificate or Registration of Birth (Hospital issued not acceptable; foreign place of birth see Non-US Born)
  • U.S. passport or passport card

If you are Non-U.S.-born:

  • U.S. passport or passport card
  • Foreign passport w/ supporting documents (See Legal Presence noted below)*
  • Certificate of Naturalization*
  • Certificate of Citizenship*
  • Permanent Resident Card*
  • U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Issued by the Department of State)

Acceptable secondary documents are:

  • Out-of-state U.S. photo driver license
  • U.S. territory or Canadian photo driver license
  • Out-of-state U.S. or Canadian issued photo learners permit
  • Connecticut-issued non-driver identification card, driver license or learner permit
    (Your driver license or ID may be required to be surrendered)
  • U.S. Military ID or dependent card with photo
  • Connecticut State Permit to Carry Pistols or Revolvers
  • Military discharge/separation papers (DD-214)
  • Court Order: Must contain full name and date of birth (i.e. name change, adoption, marriage or civil union dissolution), does not include abstract of criminal or civil conviction
  • Marriage or Civil Union Certificate (certified copy issued by town/city)
  • Pilot's license (issued by the US DOT Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Certified school transcript (school photo ID not acceptable)
  • Social Security card (Not laminated or metal; 16 and older must sign)
  • CT State Department of Social Services issued photo public assistance card
  • CT Department of Corrections original certificate of identification (not available from DOC unless issued when discharged)
  • Baptismal certificate or similar document
  • State or Federal Employee Identification with signature and photo and/or physical description with or without date of birth
  • Employment Authorization card

The fees associated to replace a drivers license in CT due to address change are:

  • Driver's license, CDL, non-driver photo ID: $30
  • CT learner's permit: $19
  • CDL learner's permit: $10
  • Motorcycle learner's permit: $16
  • AAA convenience fee for DMV transactions: $3

The CT DMV and AAA accept the following forms of payment: cash, check, money order, bank check, debit card or credit card.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses by Mail

The Connecticut DMV provides a mail-in option to make an official address change. In order to get started, the car owner can complete the steps to change addresses by printing out and signing a Change of Address form. Once properly filled out, mail it to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

60 State Street

Wethersfield, CT 06161-5070

Attn: Data Entry Change of Address Unit

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses by Phone

Updating your DMV credentials over the phone is a popular method among Connecticut drivers. It's simple, quick, and can be done from the comfort of your new home.

If you moved to the Hartford area, call 860-263-5700.

For other parts of Connecticut, call the toll-free number 800-842-8222.

Required Documents to Change Addresses at the DMV

If you are a new Connecticut resident, you must notify the DMV at your earliest convenience, and get a driver's license by visiting a local office. Unlike residents who moved within the state, you have 30 days to notify the DMV of your new address.

To get a new CT driver license, you must go in person to your nearest CT DMV Hub Office. You will need to bring along:

  • Current out-of-state driver's license
  • Completed and signed Non-commercial Driver's License Form R-229
  • One primary proof of identification
    • U.S. passport
    • U.S. birth certificate
    • Certificate of Naturalization
  • One secondary proof of identification
    • Valid out-of-state driver's license
    • Baptismal certificate
    • CT state Permits to Carry Pistols or Revolvers
  • One proof of Social Security Number
    • Social Security card
    • W-2 form
    • 1099
  • Two proofs of Connecticut residency
    • Bank statements
    • Utility statements
    • Medicaid statement
  • One proof of legal presence (Non-U.S. born)
    • 1-94 and U.S. Visa
    • Permanent Resident Card

There are many other acceptable documents you can provide, so be sure to view CT DMV list to find out what they are. The cost for a new CT driver's license is $72.