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Change Address on License

If you recently moved to a new residence within the state of Arkansas, you must report this address changing to the Office of Driver Services. The DMV allows vehicle drivers to make this notification effective in one of two ways: in person or by mail.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

The process of DMV address changing can be completed by stopping by a local driver licensing office with a filled out Change of Address Form. On this form, you must enter information such as your AR drivers license number, your vehicle number, your full name and your new residential address. Also include the issue date and expiration date of your license to drive.

When you are ready to do so, bring address change forms, along with your current drivers license, to a nearby Revenue Office. Once your documentation has been verified, your DMV records will be updated with your new address.

How to Change Address on Drivers License by Mail

In a similar manner, a vehicle driver can also change addresses via mail by filling out the Change of Address Form. After entering all the necessary details, send your completed form to the address below:

Driver's License Issuance

Room 2120

P.O. Box 1272

Little Rock, AR 72203

Getting a Duplicate License with Address Change

In Arkansas, although it is not mandatory to get a duplicate driving license when marking off your address change checklist, you are welcome to apply for one if you would like to. To obtain a drivers license replacement, visit a Revenue Office in your city with the proper documentation and payment on hand.

The state requires duplicate license applicants to submit one primary document or two secondary documents as proof of identity.

Examples include:

Primary items

Note: If submitting your U.S. Certificate of Birth, keep in mind that only an original or certified copy will be accepted. Additionally, your birth certificate must also contain a raised seal and issuance by either the Bureau of Vital Statistics of State Board of Health.

Secondary items

The fee for a drivers license copy is $10 (subject to change). Once you have been issued a duplicate license, the word "duplicate" will appear on your new credential.

If you are a commercial driver in the state of Arkansas, you will be required to visit your regional Revenue Office to get a valid CDL that reflects your new address.