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Change Address on License

State drivers that recently moved within Arizona must complete an address changing with the Motor Vehicle Division. By law, a motorist has 10 days to notify the MVD of his or her new residence. You can complete this process in person, online or by phone.

How to Change Address on Drivers Licenses in Person

To complete your address change request in person, make your way to a regional MVD office with proof of identity, such as your current drivers license. In the event that you must also provide proof of residency, you will need to turn in a document with your new address listed.

Changing your address will simply update your DMV records. However, if you would like to receive a new license to drive that reflects your official address change, then you will need to apply for a duplicate. A fee of $12 (subject to vary) will be charged for your drivers license replacement, and you must be ready to provide a primary document as proof of identity. If, for whatever reason, you cannot submit a primary item, then you will need to hand in three documents from a secondary list instead. Examples of a secondary list items include an Arizona Certificate of Birth, a bank card, an Employee ID card with photo, a marriage certificate, a concealed weapons permit, a W-2 tax form, a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Card, a Social Security card, etc.

Note: All documentation turned in to the AZ Motor Vehicle Division must be originals. No photocopies are accepted by the department.

How to Change Address on Drivers License Online

An Arizona MVD address change online is a simple process that will only last a few minutes of your time. In order to get started, visit the ServiceArizona page and follow the instructions on the screen by entering identifying personal information, such as:

You will also need to input the address you currently have on file, along with your new residential location. Take note that a P.O. Box will not be accepted as your address of residency.

Completing a motor vehicle change of address online is free of charge. However, there are certain periods throughout the day where MVD scheduled maintenance occurs. Online transactions cannot be conducted during these timeframes:

How to Change Address on Drivers License by Phone

The final option available to state drivers is updating your address via the phone. If you would like to directly speak to an MVD customer service representative, call the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division at 602-255-0072 (if you are in the Phoenix area) or at 520-629-9808 (if you are in the Tucson area). Automobile drivers in other parts of AZ should call 1-800-251-5866.