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Change Address on License

Drivers who recently moved within the state of Alabama are required to update their new residential address with the Law Enforcement Agency either in person or by mail. The Driver License Division allows residents to complete this address changing within 30 days of their relocation.

How to Change Address on Drivers License in Person

Making an address change request with the Driver License Division will only update your DMV records. However, if you would like a drivers license to reflect your new location, you will need to visit a Probate Judge or Commissioner Office. During your appointment, you will be asked to submit proof of identity, along with proof of your current residential address.

Acceptable identification documents may include your valid Alabama drivers license, a permanent resident alien card, a valid foreign passport with immigration document, a Selective Service card, a Veterans Administration card, a Certificate of Naturalization, a Certificate of Citizenship, a marriage license, an international driving license, a medical insurance ID card, etc.

For proof of identity, you may submit a utility bill (electric, water, Internet, landline phone, cable, etc.), a financial statement from your bank, a mortgage agreement, a lease agreement, a Voter Registration Card with your new address, a medical insurance card, a veterans card, a military ID, a recent magazine subscription (must be within the past 90 days) or another type of official correspondence.

In order to be issued a duplicate drivers license, you will also be required to pay the correct fee of $31.25. This amount is subject to vary without notice. To find out about acceptable forms of payment, contact the driver license office in your area you would like to visit.

How to Change Address on Drivers License by Mail

If you would like to simply update your DMV records with your new address, you can do so by submitting a written request to the Driver License Division. In your letter for an official address change, include the following information:

Send your request to the address below:

Driver License Division

P.O. Box 1471

Montgomery, AL 36104

In order to get more information, contact the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency - Driver License Division at 334-353-1470.

Voter Registration Card

Keep in mind that the process of address changing in Alabama may require you to update your voter registration information. If you are a state driver that is relocating to a different county, you will need to change the details on your Voter Registration Card. In the state of AL, you have up to 14 days before an election to register to vote. To change your voting registration information, you can make your request in person or by mail at a local county Board of Registrars. A resident can also visit a local licensing office to process this request.